Paul Fisk


A thou­sand art works to enlight­en­ment is a long term pro­ject that doc­u­ments all of my art works in order of dates made, this pro­cess will become an art work within its self. The pro­ject is inspired by an idea by artist Sol Lewitt That an artist needs to cre­ate a thou­sand art works to gain enlight­en­ment as an artist. By becom­ing aware of all the dif­fer­ent pro­cesses that hap­pen when you’re cre­at­ing your work you can gain a deeper under­stand­ing of the self.

I star­ted the thou­sand art works pro­ject in 2010 while work­ing on series of art works which were cre­ated in response to the image and teach­ings of the Buddha (the Dharma Project)